Art historian, writer, broadcaster

Ferren Gipson

Ferren Gipson is a London-based art historian researching modern Chinese art, and digital marketer in the art sector. She also hosts the visual arts podcast, 'Art Matters', exploring the intersections between art and popular culture.

Art historian, writer, broadcaster. Currently Social Media Marketer for Art UK and host/writer/producer of the Art Matters podcast.

My research areas are modern Chinese art history and the crossover between pop culture and art.

I've been a marketing specialist within the art and design sector since 2009. It has been my pleasure to work and collaborate with wonderful brands and institutions including Tate, Pinterest, Lomography, the Ashmolean Museum, and Esquire Magazine, as well as contributing as a writer to Phaidon's new book Great Women Artists.

Available for speaking engagements and writing commissions.